Next is Womanizer’s new premium
flagship product, offering a luxurious
pleasure experience with cutting
edge new features as well as our new
advanced 3D Pleasure Air Technology.
Womanizer Next is an exciting new
frontier for Womanizer – and for the
pleasure industry as a whole.



Introducing our advancement in Pleasure Air Technology. 3D Pleasure Air.This cutting-edge technology features a new linear motor elevating the contactless stimulation to provide a heightened, more enriched sensation.​

Enhancing the customization options, our 3D Pleasure Air allows you not only to control speed (intensity levels) but also the depth of the air waves, thanks to the new Climax Control feature. We have three levels of depth control, alongside the 14 intensity levels, offering a more customizable & personalized experience than ever before.​

Enter the pleasure dimension


Our device reaches lower pressures than ever before, delivering a natural and deeper pleasure experience. Womanizer Next offers intense pleasure without overstimulation, and thanks to the new motor it stands out as our quietest model to date.

  • Improved suction plus depth control creates 3D Pleasure Air, intensifying the orgasmic journey.

  • New Climax Control changes between three levels of depth of the Pleasure Waves for a richer, fuller sensation. 

  • Our quietest product yet. No distractions, just pure pleasure.

  • Perfectly balanced intensity levels offer the right setting for every mood

  • When active, your toy will alternate between intensity levels and depth levels to keep you on your toes. Sometimes intense, sometimes gentle – always extraordinary for an amazing climax.

  • Pleasure Air stimulation only turns on when in direct contact with skin, preserving battery and reducing noise.

  • Enjoy a relaxing end with Afterglow – setting the toy back the lowest settings after your climax.

  • Womanizer Next is waterproof, meaning that you can take your toy into the bath or shower whenever you feel like it.